How does an artist become iconic?

How does an artist become ICONIC?

How does an artist become ICONIC?

A job begun is a job half done.” – Mary Poppins

How ‘bout that?  I’m sure this is the first blogpost you have ever read from a marketing company starting with a Mary Poppins quote. Have I blown your mind yet?  

This is the start of something new for us at Rividia. We are constantly strategizing and implementing content for our clients but knew we hadn’t found the right medium or strategy for ourselves.

So here we are: We’ve begun, according to Poppins, and we already accomplished a lot in doing so. Thanks for scanning your eyeballs across these words and we hope in the following weeks, months, and years Rividia can provide you with more value than we could have ever hoped for. 

To start, I can’t think of a more impassioned topic in the world of artist marketing than what we named our artist department after: turning Artists into Icons.

What is an iconic artist?

What is an icon? Webster defines icon as: an object of uncritical devotion. 

So what do we define as an iconic artist? 

An artist who has created an uncritically devoted fan-base that will carry on the name of their lasting legacy long after their souls depart from the earth. 

To be honest, we can’t really “create” icons.  We can only reveal them. 

Characteristics of an iconic artist…

For the artists we work with, our aim is to reveal the vision they have had stuck in their heads for the greater future and put it into reality.  

We reveal the art to a world that would have never known its beauty and impact.

We reveal the voice that was internally silenced to be delivered and spread to those who need to hear it most. 

We reveal the innovative business models and “products” that turn creative pipe-dreams into world class brands, scaling and sustaining an artistic moment into a profitable movement.

We reveal pathways that connect artists to their fans directly for when fans show devotion and appreciation, artists can lavish the devotion and appreciation in return. 

We reveal the leaders of creativity and expression that thousands, if not millions, have been looking to follow, connect with, and champion. 

We reveal “The Iconic Artist”, then deliver them as creatively and intelligently as possible to touch hearts, change culture, and monetarily prosper from their labor in ways they never thought possible to sustain a truly remarkable, creative-driven life. 

  • This is the opposite from the “give me a hit or leave” music industry we’ve all been burned from. We don’t drop singles into the radio volcano and pray for spins to rain. 
  • We don’t waste your money by paying for marketing “pellets” to shotgun the online forest with, hoping that something hits to provide one more artist meal.  
  • We don’t change artists into what WE think they must become. 

We reveal the greatest version of the artist already within, then amplify it out to those who need them most. Once those people grab a hold of it, we pull them deeper into the art by taking what used to be a song and a story, and turn it into an immersive, life-changing experience led by a girl who just knew how to describe a heart-break well. 

Icon: Webster defines Icon as: an object of uncritical devotion. 

The Iconic Artist: An artist who has created an uncritically devoted fan-base that will carry on the name of their lasting legacy long after their souls depart from the earth. 

So let’s produce… no, wrong word… REVEAL the next icons. 

How Rividia reveals iconic artists…

How do we do this? Enter in Mary Poppins…our job has just begun. Stick with us and we’ll show you. We are going to walk through strategies, principles, mindsets, tools, ideas, and insights into exactly how we are guiding artists from unknown to ICONS at Rividia. 

A few of the many topics we’ll cover are: 

  • Growing artist awareness when you don’t have radio. 
  • Finding your voice and making it cut through noise. 
  • Turning passive fans into devoted high-value VIPs.
  • Monetizing your influence.
  • How to grow followers without losing your authenticity. 
  • Growing your artist lists to directly communicate with your fans. 
  • Our new merch strategy that could transform the industry. 
  • Where we think Music 4.0 will go. 
  • Fan-directed touring strategies for a guaranteed attendance.
  • Growth-hacking through your own fans.
  • Best digital tools for your utility belt.
  • The top 3 most believed myths in the music biz. 
  • Streaming strategies you aren’t doing. 
  • Most underused Instagram strategy for content. 
  • Content formula for easier idea generation. 
  • How to start an artist podcast. 
  • True Artist Icon profiles: How did they get there? 
  • The Fan Journey Road Map.
  • 10 Stages of Fandom (and how to get them from one stage to the next). 
  • Weekly recurring content strategies.
  • And a ton more…

What do you want to learn from us?

Please let us know what tactics, strategies, or other content you are most interested in by commenting! Your feedback is extremely helpful and we are here to serve you with the most helpful content to your specific needs.




P.S. Whenever you are ready, here are 2 ways you can support what we are doing here at Rividia. 

#1 Email our team to set up a Discovery Call.
Our team couldn’t be more obsessed about enabling artists on their path to becoming iconic. If you are interested in working with our world-class team, set up a discovery call with one of our artist leads so we can get to know you, hear your goals, and brainstorm how our team can help you achieve them.

Email with some links to your music and a small description of what you are looking for from our team. We’ll set up a time to chat ASAP.

#2 Follow us on Instagram.
We are constantly posting exclusive best practices, artist updates, and more on there. Would love to engage as well with your thoughts, comments, DMs on the content we are making and anyway we can help your team succeed. Follow us here at @rividia.

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