Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Survival Guide

What Our Digital Marketing Strategists Want You to Know

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching. In just a few days, Americans will stampede into superstores to fight over discounted T.V.’s mere hours after spending a day reflecting on what they’re thankful for. Research at McKinsey & Company reveals that more than 70% of Christmas shoppers plan to participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

20% of all online Christmas shopping occurs between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday. In 2018, The Balance reports that the average shopper spent $1,007.24 during the Christmas season. About $637 of this was spent on gifts, but most shoppers also spent approximately $154 on a little something for themselves ?.

Brick & Mortar Shopping Is Declining by the Year

There is still a slough of people that will set up tents outside of Best Buy or stand in the snow near the entrance to their local WalMart, but most are opting to stay home. In 2018, online shopping grew by 19.1%. 

WalMart announced that 75% of the most popular toys of the season were sold online, not in-store. Who wants to find a babysitter in order to spend the night in a Target parking lot waiting to buy an overpriced animatronic bear? Not I.

What Rividia Could Do for You

In this technological age, social media and digital advertising marketing is paramount to the success of your company. 

At Rividia, you will find:

  • A team passionate about your success 
  • Creatives willing to brainstorm alongside you 
  • Tech professionals who can implement your ideas 
  • Innovative solutions to your marketing problems 
  • Marketing models that evolve with current online trends

‘Tis the Season to Spend Money

Research proves that online browsers have higher click-through rates and ad responses during the holiday season. Shoppers are generally more receptive to new products. They are thinking of their various family members and friends and searching for a large volume of “perfect gifts.” 

Starting early on advertising for the holidays may allow you to get your products on shoppers’ minds before ad prices start to rise. However, even after online advertisement costs escalate, they may be worth your investment. (A digital marketing strategist at Rividia can walk you through this process). Let’s talk about what some strategies that could apply to you.

Gift Guides & Mentions: Your Golden Opportunities

An outfit featured on a “best finds of the year” list, or makeup in a “100 beauty products to buy this season” will simply sell better. Influencers often put out their own “favorite things” lists at this time of year, as well.

Urgency Causes Action

Black Friday deals aren’t meant to last all holiday season. Your customers must know that they need to act fast.

BFCM Isn’t Just for E-Commerce

Not an online retailer? You should still take part in Black Friday.

Artists, use the opportunity to promote your music, albums, or merchandise through social media channels. 

Influencers, create your own online gift guides and unbox special products to generate followers. Join giveaways and collaborate to boost attention to your page. 

Restaurant owners, take advantage of the fact that no one wants to cook the day after Thanksgiving. Offer special deals in social media for BFCM or gamify your website during this time to unlock a host of special deals. Restaurant gift cards are also a hot holiday gift, so consider offering and marketing your own BFCM bargains. 

Make A Deal They Can’t Refuse

Do you want to make your shop a prime destination in the sea of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Most businesses will offer one gigantic blanket discount for their entire website. While this can be an effective strategy, it’s not your only option. There’s a million ways to play the BFCM scene and play role of The Godfather by giving them “A deal they can’t refuse.”

BFCM Is Noisy. Be Creative. Stand Out.

Shoppers will be inundated with deals the week of Thanksgiving. Think outside the box to stand apart from the crowd.
What service/product do you offer that others do not?
Capitalize on your strengths to cut through the clamour.

Don’t Forget About E-mail Marketing

In 2018, Shopify store owners saw their highest conversion rates from email advertisements. Have your campaigns ready to go as soon as the season starts.

The Power of Abandoned Cart Reminders

According to a report by Barilliance, 82% of online shopping carts were abandoned on Black Friday. The majority of these abandoned carts were created on mobile devices. Desktop shoppers have the highest conversion rates. 

Apparently, people on computers mean business. People on their smartphones are just plain flaky. 

But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. BFCM is overwhelming. A simple email reminder about an unpurchased item may generate more sales than you’d expect. This helpful little nudge may remind visitors of a product that they were genuinely interested in.

Make Returns & Exchanges Easy

The majority of BFCM purchases are gifts, so customers greatly appreciate a simple, hassle-free return policy. A good return policy acts as a sort of insurance and gives buyers confidence that they can’t really go wrong. 

Customer Service Goes a Long Way

You need to have a customer service team ready to go to assist your buyers with everything from sizing, to purchasing, to deciding which scarf truly is right for Aunt Dede. Staff appropriately. The more the merrier on these chaotic shopping days. 

You may want to post a prominent graphic with a telephone number for service or provide live chat with a customer support team. Advertise these features on social media. The message will come across: We’re here to help you. 

Enjoy Your Success

Set up an analytics application so you can watch sales and website interaction during BFCM. Again, Rividia can help with this if you aren’t sure where to start. This may be one of the busiest weekends of the year for online retailers, but it can also be the most fun. 

Keep things upbeat: 

  • Motivate your employees with a special dinner, drinks, or another incentive once the craziness is over. 
  • Announce specific goals and celebrate whenever they are reached between BFCM.
  • Overstaff during the holidays to make sure that you don’t max out already overwhelmed employees. 
  • Maintain a positive attitude no matter what BFCM holds for your company.

Don’t Do it Alone, Call Our Digital Marketing Agency

Creating a successful presence for Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be intimidating. Every year, new strides in media advertising and influencer promotions push the industry standard a little bit further. It’s hard to keep up. That’s why we exist. 

At Rividia, we make it our mission to stay on top of trends and foresee the trajectory of advertising via social media. 

Our team can take care of your advertising campaigns, display them across a variety of social media platforms, and make sure that your message is heard. We use specifically engineered funnels to help drive traffic to your website, YouTube page, Instagram account, Twitter account, Facebook page, and more. 

It is our goal to get to the heart of your company and make sure your message is clear and consistent whether you are an artist, influencer, video blogger, restaurant, business, or e-commerce store. You are unique and your marketing strategy deserves customization and personal attention to match. 

Call Rividia today to set up a phone call with one of our digital marketing specialists and see how we can expand your brand. 


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